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Acuity Research Group is a market research consultancy that specializes in characterizing user needs as part of the product design cycle.  We work with clients to collect primary feedback from the target market to de-risk the process of developing new products and services.

“Yo, hey – howya doin’?  My name’s Jason.  How are you today?”

“Uhh … who is this, please?”

“That’s great.  My name’s Jason, and I’m calling from ABC Corporation to ask what type of feramogaster you own?”

“Uhh, look … we’re in the middle of dinner here, and …”

“This will only take a few minutes.  On a scale from 1 to 7, where “1” means very satisfied and “7” means very dissatisfied, how satisfied are you with your current feramogaster?”


When you hear the words market research, is this the image that comes to mind?  Well, put your fears to rest; this is not the type of market research we conduct!


We work with companies developing new products and services.  Our role is to help the client identify the target market(s) for the product, and then do primary research on the market.  This research has two principal goals:

  • to identify drivers for purchase of the product; and
  • to identify potential barriers to acceptance, so that the product can be “de-bugged” during product development and before release.

Meeting these goals helps ensure that the client’s risk is reduced and that the product will actually meet the needs of the people for whom it is intended. 

Our services:

  • market research consulting;
  • primary market research services, including research design;
  • usability testing; and
  • market analysis and "opportunity spotting".

Our principal content areas:

  • telecom and datacom, ranging from components to global networks;
  • assistive technologies for populations with various disabilities; and
  • health care products.

Your benefits:

  • verify concepts before incurring major development costs, thereby helping to de-risk the product development process;
  • minimize barriers to acceptance; and identify valued functionality, acceptable pricing, and product packaging or service bundling opportunities.
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